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8-P Fast Ethernet Switch, w/ 4-P PoE+
RP-PE844H is a 8 ports Fast Ethernet switch with 4 ports supporting PoE environment. With PoE function, the switch can supply power to the connected devices via CAT 5 and above twisted cables. By integrating the data transmitting and power supply, it eliminates the effort constructing your network. You could easily connect a Wireless AP or a VoIP phone to this switch without looking outlets for them. In addition, over current protection and circuit shorting protection are also supported to ensure the power supply safety.
RP-PE844H supports plug-and-play without any software to configure and is also fully compliant with all kinds of network protocols. Moreover, its rich diagnostic LEDs on the front-panel provides the clear operating status of individual port and whole system.
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8-P Fast Ethernet Switch, w/ 4-P PoE+
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