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4-P Gigabit + 1-SFP Slot Ethernet Switch
Easily boost your networking throughput; the equips 4 Gigabit ports that lead you to a real Gigabit connection. Users are now able to transfer large and high bandwidth-needed files faster and hence get a real efficiency improvement. In addition to the cooper port, 1 of the port supports fiber connection with the equipped Mini-GBIC ports for obtaining long-distance communication.
The switch offers users with fast and reliable network. The store-and-forward architecture filters errors and forwards packets in a non-blocking environment. Flow control ensures the correctness of data transmitting. The 802.3x and backpressure flow control mechanisms work respectively for full and half duplex modes.
The switch features with easy installation and maintenance. It supports Nway auto-negotiation protocol that detects the networking speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) and the duplex modes (Full/Half) automatically. Auto-MDI/MDI-X function alleviates the effort to use crossover cables. Also, rich diagnostic LEDs are provided for users to get real-time information of the connection status.
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4-P Gigabit + 1-SFP Slot Ethernet Switch
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